Marvin Mnaymneh

Research Associate
Digital Education Specialist
Canadian Armed Forces Veteran

About Me

Hello and welcome. After serving my time with the Canadian Armed Forces I began teaching at colleges across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). In 2018 I returned to school and obtained my undergrad in Education. I’m now pursing graduate school researching new ways digital technologies can benefit mental health.

What I Taught

Business Technology Management

Students were taught to plan, design, develop, implement and manage IT strategies and technologies.

Web and Mobile Development

Students were taught object oriented methodology, web scripting languages, system methodologies, database systems, and web security.

Informatics and Security

Students were taught informatics, security, and law with practical applications to address business and communication requirements.

Data Science and Analytics

Student were taught to identify and interpret data using algorithms and acquire skills to draw meaningful conclusions.

What I Studied

Educational Studies for Adults

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Digital Technologies for Adults

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Unity Health Toronto

Digital Education Specialist

Providing technical support to the members of Unity Health Toronto, primarily for the purpose of supporting digital education interventions for training health workers.


Seneca, Humber, Durham College

Associate Professor

Managing course development and delivering related curriculum to students within diverse and inclusive environments for promoting experiential learning.



Peer Reviewed

Effective Collaboration through Activity Theory and Knotworking in Clinical Settings

The purpose of this editorial is to explain how healthcare professionals (can) contribute to the effectiveness of Multi-Disciplinary Teams, through the use of Activity Theory and the associated idea of Knotworking. 



Ontario Tech University – Degree in progress

Masters of Arts – Thesis

Demonstrating knowledge and principal works of a research area to produce significant scholarly work for healthcare education. 


Ontario Tech University – Degree received

Bachelors of Arts – EdTech.

Learned to apply theoretical and practical knowledge of educational planning, delivery and assessment across the life span.



Poster – Royal College Simulation Summit

Exploring Virtual Environments using Activity Theory for the Design and Evaluation of Group Praxis

This methodology aimed at designing and evaluating learning activities in Virtual Environments by exploring the factors articulated by activity theory and their effectiveness on group praxis.



Ontario Graduate Scholarship

Awarded April 2020
The Ontario Graduate Scholarship(s) program offers, merit based, annual scholarships to eligible students who will pursue graduate studies in order to complete a master's degree, PhD or doctorate at a university in Ontario, Canada.


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