Courses Taught

Web Apps. for Social Media

This course taught students how to retrieve social media activity to their Web Application using the MEAN stack environment.

CMS using WordPress

This course gave students the basic understanding of CMS architecture and how to apply PHP and HTML/CSS to build projects.

JavaScript Introduction

This course introduced students to JavaScript programming language and how it enhances interactivity and functionality for browsers.

Web Development

This course gave students a high-level overview of the skills necessary to become a front-end web developer.

Web Fundamental

This course taught students PHP and SQL programming languages for web page creation and database management.

Web Enterprise

This course focused on the students experience using Java for creating interactive, secure and database driven websites.

Web Design Introduction

This course taught students the emphasis on learning and adhering to the principles of visual design for website creation.

.NET Frameworks

This course gave students an introduction to programming with Microsoft .NET framework using Visual Basics as the language vehicle.

Interactive Media Dev. 1

This course taught students how to create web applications with native programming languages for specific mobile devices.

Interactive Media Dev. 2

This course had students working in teams creating web applications by also adding APIs, design patterns and revenue models.

CSS-based Web Design

This course gave students the expertise in creating websites using HTML but focused on CSS and bringing their websites to life.

Website Maintenance

This course explored XML, jQuery, and PHP. At the end of this course, students had the knowledge to build online portfolios.

Mobile Web Development

This course focused on; mobile design principles, location awareness and programming for touch interfaces.

Motion Graphics 1

This course taught students a variety of techniques that enabled the creation of effective motion graphic projects.

Motion Graphics 2

This course covered the basics of motion, interaction and gameplay. Both design and development we taught.

PHP Introduction

This course showed students PHP as a very versatile language and how it can be used for a multitude of tasks, especially on the web.

Web App. Development

This course integrated all web programming skills so that a complex, database-driven web application is built by the student.

Introduction to SVG

This course introduced the student to the core concepts of vector-based drawing principles turned Scalable for any dimension.

Media Technology 1

This course looked at the foundations of working with communication strategies and media applications.

Media Technology 2

This course gave students the professional level of competency with communication strategies and media applications.

Intro. to Programming

This courses taught students about criteria defined problems using control structures, conditional statements and simple arrays.

Web Program. 1

This course begins by teaching students HTML/CSS and finishes with JavaScript for interactivity and functionality.

Web Program. 2

This course required student to create simple web applications and services by means of widely-used frameworks.

Web Program. 3

This course learn to design and create complex web application and services that can be deployed at scale.